Goal: $48,000 $60,000
$51,849 Total Raised
108% Complete

THANK YOU!!! WE DID IT!! We raised $51,849 for Spread the Light! Thank you to our generous Matchers for making this a possibility, and a HUGE thank you goes to YOU for seizing the opportunity to do good.

Friends of Chabad

In honor of the community-wide programs and activities of Chabad!

This campaign is over.
You can still contribute to this campaign.

Year-end campaign update: Great news!

We are pleased to announce that a generous group of donors are matching all donations for an additional $24,000 toward our 2019 operating expenses!

The campaign will be extended through December 31, 2018 and the goal is now $48,000! All contributions through December 31 will be doubled!

Thank you friends and supporters of Chabad Jewish Center:
Shimshon & Yehudit Ambar
Yisroel & Miriam Goldstein
Harry Handley
Dr. David & Kristine Lipschitz
Dr. Jason & Michelle Mallory
Marcio & Thaís Nunes
Michael & Jessica Shoffner
Ariel & Luana Yakhin

Give Back

What is Chabad Jewish Center

Passover dinner. Menorah lighting. Jewish Learning Institute. Hospital and prison chaplaincy. Youth enrichment programs. Chabad is a home away from home for every Jew. We are dedicated to serving our community – and now we’re asking for your support to help us build a brighter Jewish future, together.

How It Works

Running an organization like Chabad requires a major investment of time, energy, and capital. While Rabbi Moshe and Libby work tirelessly to ensure that no Jew is left behind, the day-to-day operating expenses can be daunting. Rather than charging membership fees, which could alienate some people, we rely on benevolent donors like you. Every dollar you donate will help Chabad continue to thrive.

How YOU Can Help

You can be a partner in everything we do by contributing to our year end campaign, and by spreading the word. Maimonides says that every good deed, no matter how small, tips the scale of humanity toward goodness. Today you have the opportunity to see the impact of that deed multiplied many times over. Join us by making a meaningful donation today!


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